Flying Gyro Fidget Spinner


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Flying USB Fidget Spinner

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 1:This product turns on the switch, can fly in the air, and will soon return to your hands! You can charge continuous play, a flying gyro for outdoor sports!

2:EASY SET-UP: Justswich on the device, spin it clockwise rapidly withLOGO side upward, release your fingers when the motors start working, push it and release it towards, it will flying automatically and also fly come back to you;

3:FOUR FLYING MODE AND SPEED ADJUSTMENT: Choose Suspended mode, Boomerang mode, Low altitude mode and dive modeto switch,it can also adjust thelift of rise and fall.

4:PERFECT GIFT CHOICE:It is suitable for a person to play alone, and also suitable for people to play with each other,the beautiful high-quality retail packaging included makes ourflyingspinner the ideal present for any family member or for your friends.


  1:This device is not waterproof, to prevent a fire or shock hazard, do no not place any container filler with liquid near this device or expose it to dripping, splashing, rain or moisture.

  2:To prevent the risk of injuring , do not remove the covers of the propellers or touch the propellers.

  3: Not use for by those under the age of 6

  4:Do not use when it is windy.

Product description:

1:Suspended mode: Swich on the device, just release your fingers when it spinning stably, it will be suspended in the air or rising slowly.

2:Boomerang mode: Swich on the device, keep a 30 degree upward angle, push and release it towards left front if you hold it with your right will fly in a cycle and come back to you.

3:Low altitude mode: Swich on the device,Adjust the lift to minimum by pressing the button 2 until the led light will not flicker.Keep it horizontal and launch the device, it will be in a low altitude flight on the ground.

4:Dive mode: Swich on the device, keep a 15 degree downwards angle and launch the device, the flying spinner will be in a low altitude flight on the ground.


1)Product Positioning: tiny toy drone




3)Product Size:83.5*76.8*22.5mm


4)Product Weight:17g


5)Battery: 180mA Polymer battery 


6)Working time: 4 minutes


7)charging time: 18 minutes


8)charging current: 5V 0.6A


9)Product color: Black/White/Red/Blue


10)Packaging list: Manual*1, Charging cable*1, Flying Spinner*1


11)Certification: CE,FCC,RoHSSD0251R (3)SD0251W (1)

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